Earth Week 2022 🌏

This year’s Earth Week, Airbnb joins forces with Tibber – the energy provider that helps you consume energy in a smarter and more sustainable way.

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The energy company that wants you to consume less

Tibber never profits from your energy consumption. In fact, we help you reduce your energy consumption with smart technology and renewable energy for dynamic prices. Airbnb employees that sign up during Earth Week get a €100 bonus to spend on smart gadgets in the Tibber Store that help you further reduce your energy usage.

The power is yours

Get full insight with the Tibber app

To reduce your energy consumption, you need insights and control. The Tibber app shows you exactly how much you consumed and where you can save.

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Benefit from dynamic energy prices

With energy prices that fluctuate every hour, you can steer your energy usage to the cheapest moments when charging your EV or heating your home.

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Say goodbye to sketchy bonuses

Welcome bonuses often come with high markups for each kWh. Tibber only earns on a monthly fee of €3,99 - no matter how much electricity you use.

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