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Meet the Tribe: Elisabet Kjerstad Bøe


Elisabet is a true bookworm, devouring everything from Nordic Noir to classic literature - provided we’re talking real books here. She has an interest in architecture, especially in how to make buildings more sustainable and she loves bonfires. Within Tibber, she is known as the “Sustainability Queen”. We threw a bunch of questions at Elisabet so you could get to know her a little better.

'Meet the Tribe' is a series of articles where we get to know the faces behind the app, analytics, user experience, sustainability, Marketing, PR, support and engineering at Tibber. 

  • Name: Elisabet Kjerstad Bøe

  • Works with: Sustainability

  • Office location: Førde, Norway

  • Comes from: Stryn, Norway

  • Dream job as a child: Human rights activist, (she says she always had a strong sense of justice) or translator (her mother's occupation).

  • Weirdest hobby: Likes to sleep outside, regardless of season and weather.

Hi Elisabet! First of all, what gives you energy in life?

Spending time in nature. Hanging out with my kids (they have a great sense of humour). Starting a new project. Discussing American politics (and other, less important topics) with my awesome Tibber colleagues.

What did you do before joining Tibber?

I spent my 20's studying and travelling. I wasn't ready to get a “real job” after my studies, so I started a one-woman-consultancy, advising businesses on strategy & sustainability. I got to practice both my degrees in that role, gaining experience and insights that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. A fantastic time, but working hours were crazy. After that, I've had jobs in both the public and private sector, mostly as a climate advisor and manager of energy projects.

How did you become a part of the Tibber Tribe?

It was back in 2017, and a rather informal hiring process. Edgeir invited me for lunch, saying that he needed a project manager with a startup mindset. I was too curious, couldn't say no!

You work with sustainability. What exactly does that mean?

I’m responsible for structuring Tibber’s work with sustainability within our 4 focus areas:

  • climate action

  • good and fair business practices

  • having a positive social impact

  • inspiring a movement of consumers to reduce their electricity consumption

It means that I'm involved in many different processes across departments and markets; like implementing plans for reducing the environmental footprint from our products and activities, following up on projects and partnerships, providing training to employees and helping to build a company culture around sustainability, and finally, assisting the marketing team in communication with our stakeholders.  

How does a normal work day look like for you?

These days it typically starts with a good morning meeting with my closest colleague Philip, then over to preparing the Tibber Impact Report for 2020 and finally to plan a workshop on sustainability with one of our suppliers. We’re also hiring a trainee on sustainability and administration, so that process needs priority.

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Too many tasks, too little time! Prioritising, coordinating and executing multiple projects in a fast-moving scaleup.

What is the best part of working at Tibber?

Haha, the exact same answer as above. I love the dynamic environment and opportunities. Plus I learn new things from my brilliant colleagues every day.

What do you think is the future of the energy industry?

Despite many things, it's a great time to be alive. We are completely changing the way we communicate with each other, produce & consume energy and transport things & people from A to B. With these trends emerging, I think energy will be more decentralized and digital, with control being transferred from bigcorp to consumers. 

And if I may add one of my pet topics: we need to think differently about energy finance. Even with a proven cost-effectiveness of technologies such as solar and wind over the past decade, the pace and volume of investments is not on a curve to meet any of the net zero scenarios in 2050. So I think the entire sector has a responsibility to be transparent and proactive about (environmental) costs, risks and not to mention opportunities, in order to build trust with investors and attract more funding.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spend time outside and with my family. Read and learn new things. Having friends over. Everything that gives me energy.

If you were to choose a movie character, who would you be?

Is it possible to choose a real life character? If so, Ruth Bader Ginsburg in (Notorious) RBG, no doubt. I want to have her stamina, wits and workout regime when I’m 90!

We’ll allow it! 💪 mag-elisabet-RBG

Do you want to be a part of the Tibber Tribe? Check out our careers page for open positions ⚡️

Published 3/24/2021
Annett Gröschner
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