Cake: drives you towards a sustainable future


The whole world has laid eyes on Cake's quiet, stylish and futuristic electric motorcycles. The design of the bikes has been in the spotlight, but the sustainability aspect has been as important for Cake in the launch of their two models, Cake and Ösa. Transport today represents one of the biggest problems when it comes to emission, and this is exactly what Cake wants to change.

The electric vehicle industry continues to develop, and more and more people are choosing to buy an electric car. In big cities, however, not everybody needs a big car to get around. This is something the Swedish company Cake had taken into account when they launched the new urban electric motorcycle, "Ösa". They have previously released the high-tech Offroad bike "Kalk" which is already part of the permanent exhibitions at both the National Museum in Stockholm, and the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

"We've developed a product that will be able to inspire the market to a faster transition from combustion to electricity. It's our goal and mission!" Stefan Ytterborn, founder of Cake


A bike that lets you be who you are

When Stefan Ytterborn founded Cake, he was about as far from the typical biker as you can imagine – he was even fed up with the noisy biker culture. The purpose of Cake was to make motorcycles more accessible to a larger target group while maintaining a sustainable approach to the topic. Cake wants to contribute to an easily put into practise and sustainable lifestyle in the form of transportation methods that can swiftly get you from point A to point B. Cake has released the two models "Kalk" and "Ösa", which strongly encourage the opportunity to experience life on two wheels. Whether you want to drive in urban environments, on gravel roads or in terrain, the idea is to get around without disturbing the environment or affecting either the planet or wildlife with noise and emissions. 

"If we can help create awareness and at the same time change behaviors and habits on the way to a fossil-free country, we couldn't be more proud"

Green Power

Cake offers a package with optional solar cells (Green Power) so you can completely go "off the grid" throughout the life of your motorcycle. An initiative that we at Tibber, of course, strongly support! Their product is already synonymous with a quiet driving experience without a negative impact on nature. Cake also wants to draw attention to the fact that there is actually a difference between energy and energy – where the green one is preferred to say the least. However, the Green Power initiative has not become as popular as Cake initially had hoped. They want to encourage more people to actually take responsibility for their consumption and habits. 

“You never have to buy a single kilowatt-hour. Technology has caught up with us, it's actually like living in the future! When you understand the enormous performance of the motorcycles, it's an amazingly cool insight that you can charge them completely from solar energy.”

"People just don't get it"

Stefan Ytterborn also questions today's society as he is shocked by the lack of interest in sustainability when it comes to the electric vehicle industry. Advocacy and change in attitude is a big and important part of the journey from combustion to renewable energy, a topic for which the company definitely wants to raise awareness for. At present, they are looking into new ways to encourage and open up opportunities for people to take more responsibility. Additionally, they are currently reviewing whether they can buy into solar cell parks to ensure solar energy as an energy source in their work in the future.


Ösa – for the adventurous

Bring the surfboard to the beach, the tent out in the woods, the skis for a ride on the slopes or simply go to work with your suitcase. "Ösa" is an "On-and-Off-road" model that facilitates adventure in all forms so you can focus on experiencing yourself. Cake wants to enable simple solutions for the active person to be able to easily take their equipment with them, regardless of what adventure you are going on – both in the urban and the natural environment. Thanks to a universal beam and the mounts that form the heart of the motorcycle, you can combine over 1000 different configurations to be able to bring bags, tools, a surfboard, bike, and more! 


Kalk – higher performance than Cake dared to hope for

With Cake's first high-performance Off-Road model "Kalk" the motorcycle itself represents an adventure. By taking an active stand to challenge the culture around motorcycles, Cake saw an enormous development potential when it came to electric motorcycles that were often poorly designed. They felt that there was a lack of a vehicle with design, functionality, durability and performance. This is how "Kalk" was born, a model that has received a lot of attention globally and that appeals to both world champions in motocross and even those new to the motorcycling-world. The reason for this is that it works just as well for a simple ride to work, as well as fun stunts in the woods. That's what we call versatile.

Quality – an important factor

Now, it has to be said that a bike from Cake comes at a certain cost which may be too high for some. Nevertheless, the company insists that they don't want to risk the performance of their prime product to increase its sales. If they did, they would go against their whole vision of trying to contribute to a society that consumes less. They compare the motorcycle to a Gustavian chair – it lasts a long time. Cake is aware that they must grow hand in hand slowly with technology, development and insight from customers and they are convinced that they will be able to develop an electric motorcycle that can be more affordable in the future. 

The expected wave  

It's estimated that around ten million electric motorcycles will be sold in just ten years. Cake is aware that there will be many different brands that are fighting for sales, but feels it's the journey to the goal that's important. Cake is ready for when the wave comes and believe in their core idea inspiring people to create awareness for the topic. They have a clear vision to contribute to the transition to an emission-free society in a fun-filled and experience-driven way. The company is ready with their well-constructed product and the attitude that we're moving towards this inevitable and much-needed change – together.


Find tech specs, price and more info about the bikes here!

Published 12/6/2019
Sara Brolin
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