Smart charging with Easee

Beautifully powerful charge.

  • Works for all types of electric cars
  • Connected with WiFi
  • Price from 6 995 SEK

Tibber smart charging

50% lower electricity price. Guaranteed.

We have developed a groundbreaking technology that charges your electric car when the electricity price is as low as 24 hours a day. When you smartly charge your electric car through the Easee charging box, we guarantee you a 50% lower electricity price compared to what you pay per kilowatt hour for your other electricity.

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Charge smart

You choose in the Tibber app what time the car should be ready every day and Tibber automatically sees to it being fully charged at the lowest cost.

Or charge fast

You can of course charge the car quickly without smart charging. Press the hand on the front of the charger to start it immediately.

More power

Powerful charge up to 22kW

The charging box can charge 1- and 3-phase with speeds between 1.4-22 kW. It comes with a type 2 connector that you can connect a regular charging cable to.

Load balancing with Watty

Adjust the effect that Easee uses to avoid the main fuse going.

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... and many more car brands.

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Design & function

Match the car or house?

Easee is one of the smallest charging boxes on the market both to reduce copper and plastic but also to blend into your home. It comes in 5 colors if you want to match the color of your car or your home.

Built-in lighting indicates the status and the touch sensor under the shell senses when you touch the charger to start charging immediately.

The charging box is available in black, white, anthracite, red and dark blue.

  1. The LED lamp indicates whether charging is in progress, or is paused in connection with smart charging.

  2. A touch sensor for switching between smart charging or charging directly.

  3. Charging connector Type 2 (EU standard) behind protective rubber cover. The charging cable can be permanently locked into the socket via the app.

Technical specification

As safe as it is smart

With an Easee you can rest assured that the charging is done safely and that all requirements for safety are met.

Such as automatic locking of cable during charging. Built-in type B earth leakage circuit breaker. IP54 classified to withstand water, dirt and shock.

  • Charge strength 1.4 - 22 kW

  • Charging connector Type 2

  • Built-in energy meter

  • Built-in RCD type B

  • Connection with Wifi 2.4 GHz b / g / n

  • Control the charging with the Tibber app

  • Possibility to lock the cable

Full specification


Order your Easee charging box

Easee is currently available for immediate delivery.

Watty is currently sold out and forwarded when new units are in stock.

Do you want to pay first on delivery? Select Klarna invoice as a payment method, and we will send the invoice at the same time as the charging box.


Laddkabel Typ 2, 20A, 3-fas
Laddkabel med typ 2 kontakt, 3 faser och en max strömstyrka på 20A.
2 295:-
Watty - Smart Energimätare
Justerar laddeffekten på Easee och förhindrar att huvudsäkringen överskrids. Levereras i mitten av oktober.
2 395:-