How smart charging works with Tibber

Charge the electric car smarter.

Smart charging for electric cars is one of the most popular features in Tibber. If you are a Tibber electric customer you have an hourly rate of electricity, ie. the electricity price changes every hour. By then smartly charging the car, you charge the car with the cheapest hours - fully automatic.

We have created a number of functions for you with electric car - so you can both charge the car when the electricity is the cheapest, and get a whole new overview of all charging at home.

Smart features in the app.

By connecting your electric car to Tibber, you not only lower your charge cost through smart charging. You also get access to information about your charge, prices, history and more directly in the Tibber app.

Lower electricity price

Take advantage of the fact that the electricity price moves and let Tibber automatically control your charge to the hours of the day when the price is as low as possible.


Follow your charging history and see how much you charged and at what cost.

Load balancing

With a Watty connected to the Tibber app, the app can handle the load balancing for your electric car charging.

Battery Level

See your car's charging status and battery level. If you have smart charging enabled, you will also see when the car is planned to start charging.

Smart charging is available for several models.

Modern cars, especially electric cars, are often connected to the 3G / 4G network with a SIM card that is in the car. It is through the technology that Tibber connects to your car, actually the same technology that the manufacturer's own app uses.

Charge with a smart charging box.

We have developed a groundbreaking technology that charges your electric car when the electricity price is as low as 24 hours a day. For Tibber customers, we guarantee you a 50% lower electricity price when you smartly charge your electric car through the Easee charging box compared to what you pay per kilowatt hour for your other electricity.