This is how heat control works with Tibber

Control your heat smarter.

By connecting your heating with a smart thermostat to Tibber, you can then allow Tibber to actively control the heat to lower your heating costs.

When your thermostat or heat pump is connected to Tibber, set the desired temperature in the Tibber app. Then your home is analyzed, how fast it is heated and how it is affected by the outdoor temperature. The heat is then automatically controlled by Tibber using smart calculations that take into account both weather forecast and electricity price.

Several smart features in the app.

Up to 70% of the electricity goes to heating. With Tibber's heat control, you can better control your heating and save money by reducing electricity consumption. In addition, it's simple, everything is gathered in one and the same app.

Electricity Price Optimization

Tibber can control your heating so that your home is heated when the electricity price is at its lowest. In this way, you save money by lowering your electricity consumption when the electricity price is higher.

Day & night reduction

You can activate automatic night and day lowering to save electricity on heating as it is not needed.

Vacation Mode

Vacation mode lowers temperature and saves energy when away. The home is heated before you get home so it is warm when you are back.


You can control the temperature directly from the Tibber app and also change settings such as fan speed, position, on / off of the air heat pump.

How do you warm your home?

Almost no matter how you warm your home, there are always ways to make it smarter and cheaper. Tibber has several products and power-ups that can be used for this. Scroll to just the kind of heating you have and read more.

Waterborne heat.

If you have water-borne heat, you have several options on how to control your heat, and depending on how your water is heated. If you have a heat pump that heats the water like a geothermal, extract air or air water heat pump, you can control the pump with a smart thermostat. If you have another type of heat source you can instead choose to control the heat of the radiators with a smart thermostat designed to be mounted on the radiator.

Electric heating.

If you heat your home with electric elements or electric wiring in the floor, it is common to install an air-air heat pump to lower the heating cost. If you have come so far, you have taken a big step towards heating your home energy efficiently. If you also add a smart heating control there is the possibility of further lowering your electricity costs. There are different thermostats to control your electric heating depending on the type of heat you have.


If you live in an apartment, you probably have no opportunity to influence the control of the unit that produces heat. However, if you have a heating floor with electric cables, it is possible to control it smarter to lower your electricity consumption. You can also control your water radiators with smart thermostats to help your property lower your heating costs, but perhaps primarily because it's comfortable.