How solar panels works with Tibber

Produce your own electricity with solar panels.

Tibber stands for renewable energy, therefore we have chosen to help our customers take the step to produce their own electricity. With solar panels on the roof you produce your own electricity from the energy that the sun gives us absolutely free. This means that your electricity will be cheap, even free after the years it takes to pay the cost of your facility.

If you produce more electricity than you consume, you can sell the electricity to others who need it better, which of course shortens the time it takes to pay the cost of the plant. As a Tibber customer, you can sell your surplus to the Nordpool spot price per hour, which is the same price as the electricity exchange. If you yourself consume more electricity than you consume, your electricity is primarily bought by other solel customers, there is not enough solel, your electricity is purchased as usual via Tibber, green electricity at the lowest possible price.

Smart features in the app.

If you have a solar panel and connect them to Tibber, new opportunities are opened in addition to being able to sell the electricity via Tibber at a favorable price and we are constantly working to add more functions. The app collects the data about your electricity production so that you can easily see how much your plant produces.

Electricity consumption from solar cells

See your actual electricity consumption, both the consumption of your own electricity and the consumption of electricity from the grid.

Electricity production in real time

See what your solar panels produce right now and see how production looks historic.

Connections to several different inverters.

Modern inverters are connected to the network, which is where the manufacturer's app gets access to the data from the inverter. Similarly, Tibber retrieves the information to display it in the app.

Tibber is soon launching in more countries

Tibber is expanding to more regions and we want your input on where to launch first. Let us know and we will contact you with more information.

Where do you want Tibber to launch next?

Make the most of your solar cells.

The price of solar cells has fallenmuch in recent years, and it has become popular in Sweden as well. During the summer, the house will be able to produce more than it consumes, then it is smart to be able to sell the surplus. This is done automatically through the Tibber app, while giving you overview and control production.

Get the market price per kWh you export

By Tibber sells you the excess of solar you do not use at the North Pool spot price yourself thus, it is the same price as the electricity exchange.

Get an overview of your production

You get data about your production right into the Tibber app, without having to any additional equipment. In the app we show your net export, that means all production minus your consumption, per hour in one's own overview. The data is updated daily.

In order to get production data from your electricity meter it is necessary that your solar cell plant is pre-installed and registered with your local power company.

Track consumption and production in real time

By connecting Watty to your fuse box, you can monitor consumption and production in real time. Watty reads consumption / production directly from the power cables and the data is updated every second. Then you can, for example, see when the sun is looking up from the clouds, or when the heat pump is running.


Monitor real-time consumption and production in your home. Price 1995 SEK

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy solar panels from Tibber?

No, Tibber doesn't sell solar panels. On the other hand, we have good skilled partners like who sell solar panels, and recommend you to check out their services.

Can I charge the electric car with electricity from the solar panels?

It's a really good idea. We have introduced a feature in Tibber called smart charging, which means that you can charge the car when the electricity price is the cheapest from the electricity grid. In the future, it is natural for us to further develop smart charging to include self-generated electricity, but right now it has not been launched.