Charge your electric car.

Electric cars are full of smart electronics that improve the car's consumption and performance, your charger should also be. We have selected the market's best and smartest electric car charger, it is in itself really smart, but it is possible to make charging even smarter with Tibber.

How it works

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Buy a new charging box or plug in your current to follow the charge cost, charge level and to charge when the electricity price is at its lowest.


Choose from several different accessories for your electric car, our range fits many different models of charging boxes and electric cars.

How EV charging works with Tibber

Charge the car when the electricity price is at its lowest

With Tibber you get green electricity at purchase price. The electricity price goes up and down during the day, depending on how much electricity is used and produced. By activating smart charging in the app, charging is automatically controlled to the times when it is the cheapest electricity price and at the same time best for the electricity grid.

Lower electricity price

Take advantage of the fact that the electricity price moves and let Tibber automatically control your charge to the hours of the day when the price is as low as possible.


Follow your charging history and see how much you charged and at what cost.

Load balancing

With a Watty connected to the Tibber app, the app can handle the load balancing for your electric car charging.

Battery Level

See your car's charging status and battery level. If you have smart charging enabled, you will also see when the car is planned to start charging.