Control the heat.

By connecting heating control in your home, you can control your heat no matter where you are. It is not only convenient, it also saves money by controlling the heat in your home smarter. We have solutions for most types of heating.

How it works


With our heat power-ups, the heating will be optimized so that the electricity cost will be as low as possible. The heating utilizes the price difference on the variable electricity price per hour.

How heat control works with Tibber

Lower your electricity consumption by 9.3% by heat control

Up to 70% of the electricity goes to heating. With heat control you can better control your electricity and save money by reducing electricity consumption. On average, Tibberkunder saves 9.3% on heat control if they plug in a smart thermostat such as Sensibo Sky.

Electricity Price Optimization

Tibber can control your heating so that your home is heated when the electricity price is at its lowest. In this way, you save money by lowering your electricity consumption when the electricity price is higher.

Day & night reduction

You can activate automatic night and day lowering to save electricity on heating as it is not needed.

Vacation Mode

Vacation mode lowers temperature and saves energy when away. The home is heated before you get home so it is warm when you are back.


You can control the temperature directly from the Tibber app and also change settings such as fan speed, position, on / off of the air heat pump.