Aeotec - Heavy Duty

Powerful wireless switch for up to 40A with built-in power consumption meter. Communicates with Z-wave and therefore requires a hub with support for Z-wave communication.

Aeotec Heavy Duty + Tibber

Aeotec Heavy Duty is a powerful switch for loads up to 40A (9600W). Which means that it can be used to control things like water heaters, electric radiators, washing machines and more. The switch communicates via Z-wave and therefore needs a hub with Z-wave support to work. Coupled to a hub, the switch makes it possible to control eg a water heater remotely and see the consumption.

Aeotec Heavy Duty can be connected to Tibber through a hub with Z-wave support, such as Futurehome or Homey. With the switch connected to Tibber, it can, for example, be used to control the heat smarter.

Power consumption

See the power consumption of the device connected to the power switch.

Smart heating control

But a heat source connected to the switch can be controlled together with a temperature sensor together with Tibber's weather data and electricity price information.


Aeotec Heavy Duty should be installed by a qualified electrician as it requires fixed installation.

When the switch is installed by an electrician, it can then be connected to your Z-wave hub by putting the hub in "search mode" and then pressing the button under the cover of the switch.


Technical specification

Aeotec Heavy Duty in detail

  • Model: ZW078-A

  • IP rating: IP44

  • Power consumption: 1W

  • Power: 240 VAC, 50 / 60Hz

  • Max: 9600W, 40A Resistor, 240VAC 5HP AC motor

  • Range: 150 m at free sight

  • Certifications: Z-Wave Plus

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