Aeotec - Multisensor

Multisensor from Aeotec which records movement, light, temperature, humidity, vibration and UV light. The sensor communicates via the Z-wave to your smart hub and has the possibility of controlling the temperature in the home, for example.

Aeotec Multisensor + Tibber

Aeotec Multisensor contains six different sensors packaged in an elegant small unit. The sensor detects movement, light, temperature, humidity, vibration and UV light.

The multisensor can be used in several different situations such as temperature sensor during heat control, movement or vibration sensor in burglar alarm and much more. Get the information you need into your hub and use it to control the features of your home. However, requires a hub with Z-wave support such as Futurehome or Homey. By selecting a hub supported by Tibber, you can also get the data from the sensor in the Tibber app.

Sensor data

Temperature and brightness become available as sensors in the Tibber app if the sensor is connected to a supported hub.


Aeotec Multisensor can be mounted on the wall using the enclosed bracket, or folded into the wall using Aeotec's accessories sold separately.

The multisensor can then be operated either with two CR123A batteries or operated with the supplied USB cable which is either connected to a computer or USB to 230V adapter (not supplied).

When you power your Multisensor it is time to connect it to your Z-wave compatible hub. This is done by putting the hub in "search mode" and then pressing the button on the back of the sensor. The diode on the sensor will start to flash green and then switch to solid green or solid red light, depending on whether the clutch succeeded or not.


Technical specification

Aeotec Multisensor in detail

  • Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Motion, Vibration & UV Light

  • Communication: Z-Wave Plus (868.42 MHz)

  • Power supply: 2 CR123A batteries or via Micro-USB

  • Battery life: About 2 years

  • Included: Wall bracket & Micro-USB cable

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