Futurehome - Smart Hub

A smart hub from Norwegian Futurehome with support for controlling Z-wave and EnOcean units in the home.

Futurehome + Tibber

Futurehome is a smart hub to control your smart home. Futurehome has invested in the market's most advanced and most feature-rich smart home software available today. The hub uses the open standards Z-wave and Enocean to communicate with devices in the home.

With Futurehome, your connected devices are able to communicate with each other and you can control the home from any location in the world. The hub has its own app for installing and connecting the devices. When you set it up, you can of course connect your smart home to Tibber and control it directly from the Tibber app.


All devices that support heat control in the hub appear as thermostats in the Tibber app. Control the temperature of the home directly from the app and take the help of Tibber's algorithms for a smarter heat smoothing.


The temperature sensors supported by the hub appear in the Tibber app and show the current temperature.

Electricity Consumption

Sensors that measure electricity consumption and are supported by the hub appear in the Tibber app and show current consumption.


Other sensors that measure humidity, brightness, movement, etc. and are supported by the hub appear in the Tibber app and display current data.


Futurehome is the brain behind your entire smart home system, with a hub like Futurehome collecting all your devices in the same location and managing them together. Although this sounds complex, the installation of Futurehome is simple.

  1. Place your Futurehome as central as possible in the home for the best reach. Then plug the unit into your network router via cable and to the power outlet with the supplied power adapter.

  2. Download the app Futurehome from the App Store / Play Store. Once the app is installed, open it and register a user.

  3. Make sure your mobile is connected to the same network as your Futurehome, once you register your account, the app will show a non-registered hub in your network, press register at the bottom of the page. This may take a few minutes.

  4. In the next step you can set different settings for your Futurehome, which ones should have access, which city it is in and so on.

  5. Once you have selected the settings that suit you and proceed to the next step, the hub is installed and you can start connecting the devices you have and set different scenes, etc.


Technical specification

Futurehome in detail

  • Model: CUBE-1V0-EU.

  • Wireless communication: Z-Wave 868 MHz, EnOcean 868 MHz, 10/100Mb Ethernet, (802.11n Wi-Fi comes in a later software update)

  • Interface: 2x USB 2.0

  • Power supply: AC 230V 50 / 60Hz

  • Power consumption: 3.5W

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