Heatit ZTRM2fx - Thermostat

Heatit Z-TRM2fx, is an electronic thermostat for floor heating with electric cables. The thermostat has built-in support for Z-wave. Which means that the thermostat can communicate with a hub that supports Z-wave, such as Futurehome or Homey.

Heatit + Tibber

Heatit Z-TRM2fx fits in a standard standard thermostat outlet (Elko RS16, Schneider Exxact, Gira, Jung and others) and replaces your old thermostat to the floor heating. The thermostat communicates via Z-wave with your hub and can thus be controlled over the network and communicate with other devices connected to your hub.

The thermostat can be connected to your existing sensor in the floor, also included with new sensors in the package. If you can't use sensors in the floor, the thermostat must be supplemented with a room sensor.

By connecting your hub with a Heatit thermostat connected to Tibber, you can set the desired temperature both physically on the thermostat or via the Tibber app. Through the connection to Tibber, you can also control your heat smarter by steering towards the electricity price's up and networking.


Set the temperature for the floor heating in the Tibber app.


See your current and historical temperature from the floor heating in the Tibber app.


NOTE! This product requires the installation of a qualified electrician.

The Heatit thermostat uses Z-Wave to communicate and that means you need a hub such as Futurehome or Homey to control the heat.

The thermostats are installed through a fixed installation by a qualified electrician. The thermostats can use the existing sensor in the floor provided that it returns equivalent sensor values. Otherwise, the supplied sensors used in the package are used.

When your Heatit thermostat is installed on your floor heating, it is time to connect your thermostats to the hub.

  1. Put your hub in search mode.

  2. Go to the thermostat and press "center" (confirm) for 10 sec. The display will now show "OFF".

  3. Press the button to the right (down) 4 times until you see "Con" on the display.

  4. Start the connection mode by pressing "center" (confirm) for 2 seconds. The inclusion icon will appear in the icon line. If the connection succeeds, INC / ECL appears on the display.

  5. Now you can leave the programming mode by selecting ESC in the menu and your thermostat is now ready for use with your hub and Tibber.

Download the installation guide


Technical specification

Heatit in detail

Heatit thermostat can handle loads up to 13A / 2900W at 230V, which is normal for a thermostat for floor heating. It can be connected to 2 external temperature sensors, one of which is included in the package. It is also possible to connect it to the existing sensor in the floor provided it returns equivalent sensor values.

Sensor values:

  • 0 ° C 29.1 kOhm

  • 10 ° C 18.6 kOhm

  • 15 ° C 15.1 kOhm

  • 20 ° C 12.2 kOhm

  • 25 ° C 10.0 kOhm

Other details:

  • Model: Z-TRM2fx

  • Communication: Z-Wave 868,4 MHz

  • Voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz

  • Max load: 2900W

  • Max amps: 13A

  • Power Consumption: <2,0W

  • Classification: IP21

  • Min/Max installation temp: -20 ° C to 40 ° C

  • Min/Max operating temp: 5 ° C to 40 ° C

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