Connect your Jaguar to Tibber

Take advantage of the benefits of smart charging and let Tibber optimize the charging of your Jaguar. Tibber automatically controls the charging of your car until the hours the price is lowest. In the app you can also see the car's battery status and charge history.

How smart charging works with Tibber

The electricity price goes up and down during the day, depending on how much electricity is used and produced. With our Jaguar Power-up, charging is done at the cheapest hours of the day, which is good for your wallet.

You choose in the Tibber app what time the car should be ready every day and Tibber automatically sees to it being fully charged at the lowest cost.

Battery Level

See your car's charging status and battery level. If you have smart charging enabled, you will also see when the car is planned to start charging.


Follow your charging history and see how much you charged and at what cost.

Lower electricity price

Take advantage of the fact that the electricity price moves and let Tibber automatically control your charge to the hours of the day when the price is as low as possible.

Charge when the price is at its lowest

By using smart charging and letting Tibber figure out when it is best to charge the car, your charging costs are lowered. This is done by Tibber making use of the fact that the electricity price moves and automatically controlling your charge to the hours of the day when the price is as low as possible.

When the electricity price is low

The electricity price usually goes down during the night and that is also when most people have there car standing at home connected to the charger. Tibber then turn on the charge during the hours the electricity price is at its lowest and ensures that the car is fully charged to the time desired.

When the electricity price is a little higher

The electricity price is often a little higher the hours people are at home and the consumption in the households rises, morning and evening. During those hours, Tibber sees to it that your electric car charge is paused, if it does not have to be charged just then to be fully charged at a certain time. Tibber then starts charging again when the price is lower again.

Compatible Jaguar models


Frequently asked questions

How does Tibber lower my charge costs?

When you charge with smart charging, Tibber controls the charge until the hours of the day the price is lowest. The electricity price is set 24 hours in advance, usually at noon and since Tibber's customers pay the current hourly rate, Tibber can help control consumption to the hours when the price is as cheapest. The result is that when you come home with your electric car in the afternoon, Tibber checks the battery level in the car, calculates how many hours it needs to charge and then schedules the charge at the cheapest hours. Your car will then be loaded at the lowest possible price and the start-up time is the time you set in the app.

Ensures the car is fully charged

In the smart charging functionality, it is possible to set when the charge is to be completed. Say you enter at. At 07:00, then Tibber will calculate an optimal charging schedule so that the car is fully charged at. 7am every morning. If, on the other hand, you have a weak charging effect, low battery level or put it on charge too late for it to be able to charge up to the level you want, then no smart scheduling is running, but then full charge is always running.

Does the car smart charg only when I'm at home?

Yes, since smart charging is usually only desirable when you are at home. At Tibber, we have designed our smart charge so that when your car is connected for charging, its position is checked using the car's GPS coordinates. If the location is the same as one of your homes registered in Tibber, the charge is set to "smart charge", based on the settings you have made in the app. However, if you are traveling and are going to load away, the car is charged as quickly as possible without any scheduling.

What can I do in the Tibber app?

When you connect your car to Tibber, it appears in your Tibber app on your mobile. In the app, you set the smart charge, what time you want to have the car fully charged and turn on / off the function. You can also see statistics that concern the charge as battery status, how much you charged and at what cost.

As a Tibber customer you also get to know the electricity consumption in the household. Tibber measures your consumption per hour and learns your home behavior. With the help of advanced mathematics and pattern recognition, Tibber gives you analyzes of how exactly your home consumes energy, eg what consumes the most, or how effectively your home is compared to others.

How does Tibber connect to my car?

Modern cars, especially electric cars, are often connected to the 3G/4G network with a SIM-card that is in the car. It is through that technology Tibber connects to your car, actually the same technology that the manufacturer's own app uses.

If you want to know if your car model works together with Tibber you can look under "Compatible models" here above.

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