Charging cable - Type 2, 32A, 3 phase

Charging cable with type 2 connector, 3 phases and a maximum current of 32A. The cable is made in Germany of very high quality, which makes it both durable and future-proof.

A charging cable from Tibber

We got the question from the majority of which cable we recommended for our charging box. We had no direct answer, either the cables we tested were too small, had poor quality feel or simply not stylish enough to be combined with a charging box like Easee.

Therefore, we simply had to make our own cable. Which we chose to do together with a well-renowned German cable manufacturer, to get a cable that met the requirements.

The result, a high quality cable designed to deliver charging to your car today, tomorrow and several years to come. Also with a feeling and elegance that sits next to an Easee!


Technical specification

Charging cable in detail

  • Type of cable: Mode 3, AC charging cable

  • Contact: Type 2

  • Max load capacity: 26.6 kW

  • Number of phases: 3

  • Max current: 32A

  • IP class: IP54 (IP44 in connected mode)

  • Length: 5 / 7.5 m

  • Weight: 3,65 kg (5m), 4,54 kg (7,5m)

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