Connect your Mill WiFi to Tibber

Connect your Mill WiFi radiator to Tibber and control your heating smarter. Tibber controls the heating by moving the consumption to the hours of the day the electricity price is low. It gives you a comfortable indoor climate at a lower price.

Mill Wifi + Tibber

Mill designs and produces elegant elements that help keep your home warm. Mill has a series of smart elements with Wifi connection, which can be controlled from the mobile. If you have a Wifi element from Mill or a WiFi outlet from Mill, you can control these with Tibber for a smarter heat control.


Control the temperature of your home directly from the Tibber app. The steering takes into account the weather forecast and the conditions of your home.


See your current temperature indoors.

Day/night reduction

Lower the temperature automatically and save energy during the night when you sleep or on the day when you are not at home.

Vacation Mode

You can activate vacation mode which automatically lowers the temperature and saves energy when you are away and ensures that it is warm when you return home.

Better electricity prices

Control your heating smarter so it warms when the electricity price is cheaper during the day and saves energy when the electricity price is higher.

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