Mill - WiFi-thermostat

Smart WiFi thermostat for 230V socket, designed to control elements connected with plug in the wall socket. The thermostat has WiFi, built-in thermostat and switch which makes it the only device you need besides a router to control your element.

Mill WiFi + Tibber

The Mill WiFi Socket is not just a WiFi jack, but is designed to make your silly items smart. The outlet is equipped with a temperature sensor that measures the room's temperature and then switches the element on and off as needed. In the app, you set the desired temperature and the WiFi outlet then scoots the rest completely without the need for separate sensors, gateways and more.


Control the temperature of your home directly from the Tibber app. The steering takes into account the weather forecast and the conditions of your home.


See your current temperature indoors.

Day/night reduction

Lower the temperature automatically and save energy during the night when you sleep or on the day when you are not at home.

Vacation Mode

You can activate vacation mode which automatically lowers the temperature and saves energy when you are away and ensures that it is warm when you return home.

Better electricity prices

Control your heating smarter so it warms when the electricity price is cheaper during the day and saves energy when the electricity price is higher.


The Mill WiFi Socket is easily installed directly in an electrical outlet, the element is then connected with a plug in the outlet on the Mill WiFi Socket.

We recommend that you set the thermostat on your element 5 degrees above the temperature you want as the maximum temperature in the room to ensure that the element's thermostat does not switch off the element before Mill finds that the right temperature is reached in the room.

When the element is connected via Mill, it's time to download the app from the App Store / Play Store, search Millheat. Once the app is downloaded, follow the steps in the app to connect your Mill to your WiFi.

Download user manual


Technical specification

Mill WiFi Socket in detail

  • Model: Mill WiFi Socket

  • Max. power: 2 300W

  • Communication: WiFi

  • Material: Plastic

  • Colour: White

  • Temperature sensor: Integrated

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