Ngenic - Smart Thermostat

Ngenic is a smart thermostat for controlling waterborne heat such as geothermal heating, electric boilers, district heating and exhaust air heat pumps.

Ngenic + Tibber

The smart Ngenic thermostat works with most brands of geothermal heaters, electric boilers, exhaust air heat pumps, air to water heat pumps and district heating. You connect the Ngenic controller between your heat pump and outdoor sensor, then it is controlled by the thermostat to give you a smarter warming.

Ngenic consists of three parts, a battery-powered controller (mounted between the outdoor sensor and the heat pump), a battery-powered indoor sensor (measuring light and temperature), and an internet gateway that manages the communication controller and indoor sensor.

By connecting your Ngenic to Tibber, the heat is controlled with the help of autopilot, which ensures that the home consumes as little energy as possible with regard to the weather forecast, the electricity price and the conditions in your home.


Control the temperature of your home directly from the Tibber app. The steering takes into account the weather forecast and the conditions of your home.


Follow outdoor and the indoor temperature as well as the history from Ngenic in the Tibber app.

Vacation Mode

You can activate vacation mode which automatically lowers the temperature and saves energy when you are away and ensures that it is warm when you return home.

Better electricity prices

Control your heating smarter so it warms when the electricity price is cheaper during the day and saves energy when the electricity price is higher.


Is your heating system compatible with Ngenic?

Installing a Ngenic Tune is a simple installation that you do not have to be either an electrician or an IT specialist to handle. Your Ngenic kit contains everything you need, expect an installation time of about 20 minutes.

Gateway: Manages the communication between the controller and the input device. The gateway also manages the communication over the internet to make smart calculations and display data in the mobile app.

To install your gateway, you need to connect the power adapter and connect an internet cable between the gateway and your router.

Control unit: Says to your heating system what to do to deliver the right temperature. This is done by sitting between the outdoor sensor and your heating system.

To install your control unit, cut the cable between the outdoor sensor and the heating system. Then connect the control unit between the two cable ends you now have. If you want to restore in the future, there is a included recovery kit.

Indoor sensor: Measures your indoor temperature and sun penetration to provide as even indoor temperature as possible.

To install your indoor sensor, attach it to the wall in the room you want to optimize the heat against. Usually the kitchen, hall or living room is used.


Technical specification

Ngenic in detail

Included in the package

Gateway: Ethernet and micro-usb input. Connects to a DC adapter that comes with the gateway. The gateway has consumption of less than 1 W and thus uses very little electricity.

Injector: Temperature sensor and light sensor (visible and infrared). Powered by two standard AAA batteries. 5-10 years battery life depending on the ratio. Batteries included.

Control unit: 3.5 mm plug for quick connection to the heating system. Powered by two standard AAA batteries. 5-10 years battery life depending on the ratio. Batteries included.

Communication: The gateway connects to the Internet through a 10 / 100BASE-TX Ethernet cable (thus, common Internet cable)

Radio network between gateway, controller and inverter via a propieter IEEE 802.15.4 compatible radio. All parts are made of plastic with flame retardants and completely lead-free and without heavy metals.

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