Connect your Nibe Uplink to Tibber

Connect your Nibe heat pump to Tibber and control your heating smarter. Tibber controls the heating by moving the consumption to the hours of the day the electricity price is low. It gives you a comfortable indoor climate at a lower price.

Nibe Uplink + Tibber

Nibe Uplink is an additional service from Nibe. With the service activated, you can control your heat pump remotely, monitor the temperature and get notifications in case of any malfunctions. By connecting Nibe Uplink to Tibber you get the data in the Tibber app and can control the heat smarter by steering towards the electricity price. In addition, you get a better overview of your energy consumption in the home.

Connecting Nibe Uplink to Tibber only takes a few seconds!


Control the temperature of the home directly from the Tibber app. Requires Nibe Uplink Premium.

Better electricity prices

Control your Nibe heat pump smarter so it heats when the electricity price is cheaper during the day and saves energy when the electricity price is higher. Keep a comfortable indoor climate, but at a lower electricity cost.


See the current indoor and outdoor temperatures as well as the temperature history in the Tibber app.

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