Sensative - Strips Guard

3-pack with thin plastic strips that can be attached to the window / door frame and then tells if the window / door is open or closed. Strips Guard communicates via Z-wave and therefore requires a hub with support for this.

Sensative Strip Guard + Tibber

With Sensative Strips Guard you can tell your Z-wave hub if windows and doors are open or closed. This information can then be used to control other things in your home as an element or to send notices so you don't forget to close them again.

By connecting your Strips Guard to a Z-wave hub supported by Tibber such as Futurehome or Homey, you can see the sensors in the Tibber app.

Sensor data

Information about whether it is open or closed is displayed as a sensor in the Tibber app if your Sensative Strips Guard is connected to a hub supported by the app.


Strips have a thin design of only 3 mm to be easily and neatly hidden between the frame and the door / window. They are able to sit both indoors and outdoors depending on needs.


Your Strips are delivered in "auto-add mode" which means that they are ready from the packaging to be connected to your Z-wave hub.

  1. Put your hub in search mode, how to do this depends on which hub you have.

  2. Keep your Strips close to the hub to connect them. Remove the magnets, a long blinking means that the clutch has gone well.

  3. Your hub should now display the status of your Strips as "open".

  4. Move the magnet to the flat side of your Strips and the sensor should now appear as "closed" in the hub.

  5. If your hub does not display the correct status or none at all, you may need to change the sensor settings in your hub.


To mount your Strips, a gap of at least 3.5 mm is needed between the frame and the window / door. It is recommended that the strip be mounted in the frame and the magnet on the window / door, but it also works the other way around.

  1. Check the place you intend to mount so that both the strip and the magnet fit. It should be less than 10 mm between the flat part of the strip and the magnet when the window / door is closed and at least 30 mm between when it is open.

  2. Open the window / door completely and check that the magnet is not disturbed by hinges or locking mechanisms.

  3. Once you know the location works well, remove the protective film for the adhesive on the back of the strip and place it where you want. Then do the same with the magnet.

  4. If you are placing your strip / magnet on a metal base, use a thicker double-sided adhesive tape than the one provided to prevent interference.


Technical specification

Sensative Strips Guard in detail

Battery: Built-in LiMnO2 battery Battery life: Up to 10 years Size: 195 x 15 x 3 mm Communication: Z-Wave plus Radio frequency: 869 MHz EU; 908 MHz US Range: Up to 40 m

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