Sensibo - Thermostat for Air Heat Pump

Sensibo Sky is a thermostat that makes all brands of air-air heat pumps smarter. Control your air heat pump from your mobile wherever you are, everything you need is a WiFi connection.

About Sensibo Sky

Smarter control of all air heat pumps

Sensibo Sky is a thermostat that fits all types / brands of air-air heat pumps. The thermostat is talking to the heat pump via infrared signals (IR), ie in the same way as the remote control.

With the help of Sensibo, you can lower your electricity costs and consumption through smarter home heating.

Tibber + Sensibo

Combine Sensibo with Tibber's weather data and variable electricity prices

Sensibo measures temperature and humidity in the room. Tibber picks up the weather forecast, electricity prices and then Sensibo guides your heat pump smartly to give you as low an electricity price and heating cost as possible.

Tibber customers who install a Sensibo thermostat, on average, lower their electricity consumption by 9.3%. This means that users with a dwelling of 170-230 sqm save so much that they on average earn the cost of Sensibo Sky in 4.5 months.

Day & night reduction

Why heat the house when you're not at home?

When you get a Sensibo you have the opportunity to activate smart heating in the Tibber app. This means that the heating is reduced when you sleep or are at work. By specifying which times you are away from home, Tibber can make sure that your home is warm when you return home - so you only notice on the electricity bill that the heat was lowered during the day.

In the app you can create schedules that describe when your home does not need to be heated.


Install yourself in just a few minutes

The thermostat can be installed easily in a few minutes and can be placed on any wall where it has a clear view of the air heat pump and access to an electrical outlet. You need the Sensibo app and an available Wifi network (2.4GHz). Then follow the instructions in the app step by step.

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Technical specification

Sensibo i detail

  • Communication with the heat pump: Infrared

  • Communication with the Internet: WiFi

  • Power supply: micro USB (own cable and adapter included)

  • Compatible with: Amazon Echo, Google Home & Apple Siri

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 83 x 57 x 20 mm

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Get Sensibo Sky and lower your electricity bill

Order your Sensibo Sky today and it will be delivered within 5 working days. Connect it yourself to quickly save money on your electricity bill.

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