SMA Inverter

Connect your inverter from SMA to Tibber and take advantage of smart analyzes and statistics for your solar production. Find out how much electricity you produce and how much electricity you consume, both from your own production and from the electricity grid. In addition, if you have a surplus, you can sell your surplus to Tibber.

How solar panels works with Tibber

When you produce your own electricity it becomes more difficult to keep track of consumption, you consume the electricity you produce, you consume electricity from the grid and you may even get a surplus that you sell out online. Keeping track of this and getting an overall picture of your consumption is difficult.

By connecting your inverter to Tibber you get a clear overview of both your production and consumption, in one app.

Electricity consumption from solar cells

See your actual electricity consumption, both the consumption of your own electricity and the consumption of electricity from the grid.

Electricity production in real time

See what your solar panels produce right now and see how production looks historic.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do in the Tibber app?

When you connect the inverter to Tibber, it pops up in your Tibber app on your phone. In the app you then get access to statistics about your electricity production, how much electricity you are producing right now and history. Another smart feature is that you can see your actual consumption, both the electricity you consume from your own production and from the electricity grid.

As a Tibber customer, you get full control of the electricity consumption in the household. Tibber measures your consumption per hour and learns the behavior of your home. Using advanced mathematics and pattern recognition, Tibber gives you analyzes of how your home consumes energy, such as what consumes the most, or how efficient your home is compared to others.

How does Tibber connect to my inverter?

Modern inverters for solar panels are connected with WiFi. This allows Tibber to retrieve data from the inverter in the same way as the manufacturer's own apps.

In this way, Tibber retrieves the data and presents it in aesthetically pleasing and informative graphs in the app. In addition, we can compile data from the inverter with data from your electricity meter and thus obtain summaries of your total consumption.

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