Aeotec - Smart Switch

Smart plug that lets you control what you plug into it completely wirelessly via Z-wave. Place it between the wall outlet and what you want to control to easily turn on / off from a distance. Aeotec's smart plug also has a built-in electricity meter that measures the consumption of what is connected in the socket.

Aeotec Smart Switch 7 + Tibber

Easily turn things on / off in the home without having to reach for the power switch, or when you are away. For example, turn on an element with a plug when the temperature of the house drops. Aeotec's new smart plug is small and descriptive in design, in addition, the small size makes the socket next to it not blocked, which allows two smart plugs to be placed next to each other.

Aeotec Smart Switch 7 is grounded and has a built-in meter that measures the consumption of the unit that is plugged into the socket.

In order to use Aeotec Smart Switch 7, a smart hub that supports communication via Z-wave is needed, since the outlet can be controlled with several different apps (depending on hub) and via the Tibber app for heat control (depending on hub). Max load 2300 W.


If you have your smart plug connected to a smart hub and a temperature sensor, the connector can be used as a thermostat. The feature is supported by the Futurehome.

Sensor data

The smart plug becomes available as a sensor on the home screen and displays the power consumption from the plug.


Aeotec Smart Switch 7 uses Z-Wave (868MHz) to communicate. That is, you need a smart hub that supports that type of communication. For example, it could be Futurehome or Homey.

If you have a hub with support for Z-wave, the installation is done in seconds. Put your hub in "learning mode", insert the Smart Switch 7 into a free wall socket and press the button 2 times slowly. When you do that, a signal is sent to your hub and the device will appear in the list of new devices in your smart hub app, select Smart Switch 7 and then enter the code that is on your Smart Switch and click connect / follow the steps in your smart hub.


Technical specification

Aeotec Smart Switch 7 in detail

  • Model: ZW175

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 43 x 68 x 43 mm

  • Max power: 2300W.

  • Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz

  • Communication: Z-Wave (868.42MHz).

  • Sensor: Power consumption now (W) and accumulated consumption (kWh)

  • Button: On / Off and switch on / off the Z-wave network

  • Socket: Type F (grounded)