Make your home smart.

Get full control of your home and how much electricity you consume. With better control of your home and automation, there is both money and time to save. The range includes several products for different needs in the home, both simple and more advanced solutions.

How it works

Starter pack

If you are new with smart home equipment it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, then it may be good to start with a starter kit that contains what you need to get started.

How your home becomes smarter with Tibber

Check your consumption and indoor environment at home

Smart home products help you get the most out of your home consumption. This in turn helps you understand how you can lower your electricity consumption by changing your habits.

In addition, your electricity purchase becomes smarter based on information about weather, indoor temperature and more.

Sensor data

With smart home Power-ups you can measure both indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, noise level and much more.

Follow the sensor data over time

You can follow current and historical values in the Tibberapp. This way you can see how, for example, electricity consumption and indoor climate have changed.

Electricity consumption in real time

See what your home consumes right now and see the consumption change over time. In external apps you can also see how much electricity different electrical appliances in your home consume.

Combine with heat control

Get smarter heat control if you also have smart thermostats installed in your home. It provides better foundation for Tibber to buy electricity for your home.