Join the electric revolution

We make energy greener, smarter and cheaper. Tibber is currently available in Sweden & Norway.

Tibber is changing the electricity market.

Since launching in Sweden & Norway in 2016 we have helped tens of thousands of new customers each month to lower their energy bill and consumption. We believe in using digital technology to make electricity consumption smarter.

Where do you want Tibber to launch next?

Our team is expanding

We belive in empowering end customers with great digital tools and insights. Our philosophy is: If the best deal for your wallet also is the best deal for the planet - everybody wins. Therefore we create the first fully digital energy company and platform to the world - in order to make impactful energy tech available for everybody. The power is yours.

We seek specialists, technicians, digital heads and human connoisseurs. Above all we seek people who work with passion, desire and a will that is never stopped by a challenge.

Open positions

Tibber is soon launching in more countries

Tibber is expanding to more regions and we want your input on where to launch first. Let us know and we will contact you with more information.

Where do you want Tibber to launch next?

The best purchase prices

The electricity price varies every hour, every day. Tibber has a unique technique where smart algorithms buy electricity for you automatically. This means that we can always guarantee electricity prices without any surcharge and in addition a number of solutions so that you can benefit when the electricity price is as low as 24 hours.

See the electricity price at your home

Fill in your zip code to see what exactly electricity costs you at home this month. Compare your latest invoice to the current electricity price, and if you want month by month.

Elpriset skiljer sig beroende på var i landet du bor så genom att ange postnummer kan vi ge dig korrekt information.

Use the hours with the lowest electricity price

E.g. you who have an electric car can save on the electricity price by activating smart charging of your car. Then we calculate how long it will take to charge the battery and schedule the charge so you get the lowest possible cost. This allows you to save up to 50% of the electricity cost.