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Earn money while you sleep

You read that right! Tibber provides you with a new superpower. A superpower that is directly linked to the charging behavior for your beloved EV. Contribute to a healthy electricity grid, help promote renewable energy sources and displace fossil fuels from the system. Without any loss of convenience for you. And best of all - you’ll even earn money for it. Ready to become a grid hero?
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Make your car make you money

The transition to renewable energy sources is a necessity for our planet. Tibber has found a way to accelerate this transition - without time-consuming investments in new infrastructure or burdening you. How then? By making your car a powerful part of our ever-growing network of controllable electrical devices – thereby also turning it into a money-making machine for you.

Deep dive in Grid Rewards

A new way of using energy

CPO Daniel Lindén on the fact that Grid Rewards is not only good for you, but for society at large.

From savings to earnings

From micro to macro – Grid rewards is not only good for you, but for society at large.

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