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Store energy at home

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A revolutionary consumer battery

Tibber and Polarium proudly present the first consumer battery that genuinely understands your home. Lower your energy costs and provide flexibility to the grid with Homevolt's cutting-edge battery technology. Available for pre-order in Sweden and Norway – with more markets to come.

Homevolt is a smart product inside and out – from quality material to advanced features.
Easy to get, easy to use. Homevolt's user-friendly interface is made for you to be in control.
Sleek and stylish. Homevolt is designed to be put on display.

A true multitasker

Always on. Always working. Always thinking. Homevolt is always adapting to your home.

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Price optimization

Cut costs by charging your battery when the price is low, and use stored energy when the price is high.

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Self sufficiency

Solar panel owner? Maximise and optimise your production, and become more self sufficient with Homevolt.

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Grid Rewards

Support the grid with Homevolt when there is excess or shortage of energy in the system – and be rewarded for it.

Designed in Scandinavia

When we designed Homevolt, we left nothing to chance. Every detail has been carefully considered and chosen with a circular mindset. This is a battery made to be seen.

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Everything included

A truly independent home requires energy storage, and it has never been this easy to get started. Pre-ordering a Homevolt, setup and installation is included.

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Talks with Tibber

Homevolt does not only communicate directly with you, but it is also fully integrated with Tibber. See what it's up to at any given moment, or what it is planning for next. Flexible; from completely automatic to manual – you decide.

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Dive deeper

Watch the full keynote from Tibber CEO Edgeir Aksnes and Polarium CEO Stefan Jansson.


Engineered to be future proof, with an open API and over-the-air updates.


Constantly learning and adapting to your home, reacting so you don't have to.

The big picture

From micro to macro – Homevolt is not only good for you, but for society at large.

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Joining forces to disrupt an industry

Polarium and Tibber are determined to shake up the energy storage industry. With high-quality battery tech from Polarium, and all the brains from Tibber’s digital platform, Homevolt makes for an unbeatable product that will introduce energy storage to the masses.

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