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We are not climate neutral!

Or, why would we miss out on a “green” marketing opportunity? It's because we don't use climate certificates as a quick-fix solution. Rather, we think it makes more sense to first reduce the environmental footprint from our own activities, and then come up with creative ways to engage partners, customers and employees in our efforts. That is much more challenging, fun and effective! To make progress with this, here are the top 4 areas we need to look at:

Energy retail

Yes! Even if you buy only renewable energy, it has an environmental cost. These are calculated Life Cycle Costs from production and transmission of renewable energy 6164 tonnes CO2e

Hardware production

This is the environmental cost that is calculated from production, transport and use of hardware developed by Tibber 135 tonnes CO2e


These are emissions calculated from the transport of products to and from Tibber Store 

119 tonnes CO2e

Office operations

The environmental footprint from electricity, heating and waste generated from Tibber office operations 46 tonnes CO2e

As you can see, there's no time to rest. Here are some things we have done to improve.

Impact report - 1. Climate action - Improvements - Box 1Impact report - 1. Climate action - Improvements - Box 2Impact report - 1. Climate action - Improvements - Box 3

Tibber Pulse

Tibber Pulse is a product that we make ourselves - it's a tiny, but hard-working device that monitors your electricity consumption in real-time. Not in a creepy way of course, but to give you the insights you need to use electricity smarter. We tried to find out what it costs the environment to make one - the answer is 8.2 kg of CO2 equivalents.

Impact report - 1. Climate action - Pulse - Image

The fight against electronic waste

According to the smart people at The Global E-waste Monitor, more than 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is generated globally per year. Only 17,4 percent of this waste is recycled. It’s a brilliant report, but the presented facts are frightening. Totally against the Tibber Way. So we decided to fix all returned Tibber Pulse devices and open a second-hand sale in our web store. We donated the revenue towards WWF's fight against plastic in the oceans.

Impact report - 1. Climate action - Electronic waste


What do we want? Transparency!

When do we want it? Now! Not being open about sustainability challenges in the value chain has become quite old-fashioned. At Tibber we want to talk more about the imperfections, the crooked carrots if you like, of our sector. First up, let’s have a look at the energy value chain and how we work to improve it.

Physical value chain (fairly straight forward)

Impact report - 2. Good business - Physical value chain - 1. Power plant - Image

Energy is produced at a cost. Mostly it involves money, equipment, labor and natural resources. All costs should be transparent for the world to see. We have calculated Life Cycle Costs for all our power purchases.

Impact report - 2. Good business - Line L-R

Energy is mixed into the power grid depending on availability. Sometimes the mix is greener, sometimes it's more greyish. Sometimes the traffic is high, sometimes it's low. Grid owners’ mantra: perfect balance between supply and demand.

Impact report - 2. Good business - Physical value chain - 2. The grid - Image
Impact report - 2. Good business - Line R-L
Impact report - Business conduct - 3. Smart tech - Image

The grid is not so smart on its own, but if we can add smart technology on the consumer side, we can balance the grid (grid owners are happy), make it more cost-effective (consumers are happy) and with a lower environmental footprint (planet is VERY happy). Like in the Norflex project, where Tibber contributes with our smart charging and heating technology.

Impact report - 2. Good business - Line L-R

Energy is consumed. Either by big spenders or small spenders. Sometimes we consume much and sometimes little, creating imbalances. More imbalances mean higher costs to maintain the grid. Consumers' mantra: let's consume electricity when the price is low - it's better for both your wallet and the grid.

Impact report - Business conduct - 4. Home

Financial value chain (the tricky part)

Impact report - Business conduct - 1. Guarantees

A certificate that proves the production of a given volume of renewable energy. The purpose of issuing these certificates is to make it traceable and bring more renewable energy into the grid. Boom! All Tibber customers have this in their contract by default.

Impact report - 2. Good business - Line L-R

This is a story of its own… Prices are settled in the energy market, where producers announce their supply and buyers place their bids based on demand. Rule of thumb: high demand, higher price. Low demand, lower price. Like some invisible hand.

Impact report - Business conduct - 2. Market place - Image
Impact report - 2. Good business - Line R-L
Impact report - Business conduct - 3. Energy retailer - Image

Here comes the crazy part. Most energy companies add a markup on your price, which gives them absolutely no incentives to help you reduce your consumption. This makes us sad. But here’s a fun fact for you to cheer things up: Tibber uses the spot price for the next day for price optimization. Our markup only covers our purchase costs, and since we can use digital trading technology, we have no margin on your consumption. Cost-effective for the producer and us, lower price for the consumer. 

Impact report - 2. Good business - Line L-R

If you want to make sure to use your consumer super powers to purchase renewable energy, you have to ASK FOR IT. Otherwise, you will pay for whatever is in the grid at that time. Your proof is the Guarantee of Origin. You can frame it and hang it on the wall!

Impact report - Business conduct - 4. Consumer - Image

Business that counts in 2020

A very tough and important task for any company in general, but for a fast-growing start-up specifically, is to guarantee healthy supply chains and quality management. Luckily, we have dedicated people who love systems, logistics and negotiations, and they have worked on some improvements. Here’s what we are doing.

Impact report - 2. Good business - Business - Improvements - Box 1Impact report - 2. Good business - Business - Improvements - Box 2Impact report - 2. Good business - Business - Improvements - Box 3
Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubbles row 1Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubbles row 2
Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubble 1Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubble 2Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubble 3Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubble 4Impact report - Business conduct - 2020 - Bubble 5

Projects that count in 2020

In all modesty, one of the coolest things about Tibber is our grid balancing technology. So if you were excited about the previous section, you are in for a real treat now. This is about how smart consumers can save the world, one power station at a time.

In 2020, Tibber participated in several projects, demonstrating how smart home technology can make the grid more efficient, and reduce the need for infrastructure upgrades. One of them is Norflex. In this project, Tibber pooled together flexibility from two different device types (panel heaters and EV chargers) in multiple homes, and offered this aggregated flexibility to the local grid owner Agder Energi Nett in an automated process. It might sound like magic, and it kind of is!


Small steps

Finally to our second favorite section. (Our number one pet topic is being inspired by our customers, and trying our best to inspire them back. So stay with us a little bit longer for that!). But now, a little sneak peek into how we work with company culture. Leading by example inspires others to change. But change is tough! So we invited our employees to a 30-day challenge – to provide an opportunity to reflect on what change means and what we can do to make it happen around us.

Impact report - Employee quotes - Image (Sara blue 2x)

No meat!

“This made me realize that it's not only a challenge for myself to change my habits. The big task is to change systems and structures in society, to make it more accessible and easier to make the right choices.”


Impact report - Employee quotes - Image elisabet (green 2x)

Digital detox

“I was surprised by how much my efforts affected people around me in a positive way. Change is really a social project, but it starts with me.”


Impact report - Employee quotes - Image (kribba yellow 2x)

No unnecessary stuff

“I tried to avoid buying anything unnecessary for 30 days. I liked it - my kids didn't...”


Impact report - Employee quotes - Image natalia (yellow 2x)


“By investing just a little in myself every day, made me have more energy, understanding and love for others as well. If you want to change something - you have to start by seeing yourself.”


Impact report - Employee quotes - No plastics - Image hana (green 2x)

No plastics

“If you go to the supermarket intent on avoiding any plastic, you'll be lucky to leave with more than an apple!”


Impact report - Employee quotes - Exercise - Image (philip_blue_2x)


“For me, sustainable change is about taking one step at a time in the right direction. If you do stuff too extensively you risk falling back on old (destructive) behaviors.”



Giant leaps

If we can do it, you can too! We never get tired of inspiring insights from our customers. So we collected a few stories about people with a passion for saving energy, smart technology and a greener lifestyle. Let's give it up for some of our favorite Tibber-tribe heroes! You are an inspiration for us all.

Impact report - Movement - Quotes - Joakim - Image (Joakim Ambrosson color 2x)

Joakim Ambrosson has managed to reduce his energy consumption by 75%! But he doesn't stop there. He has also started a Facebook group for energy-saving enthusiasts, with tips, tricks and inspiration. Really awesome if you ask us!

Impact report - Movement - Quotes - Thomas - Image (Thomas Friis-Eriksen color 2x)

Thomas Friis-Eriksen is the unlikely solar king in the rainy city of Bergen… His decision to install solar panels and to sell surplus production to the grid has inspired his neighbors to do the same. We're impressed! (This is how to inspire a movement)

Impact report - Movement - Quotes - Elisabet (Elisabet color 2x)

Elisabet Kjerstad Bøe - we couldn't resist the temptation to also mention Tibber's own “sustainability queen”. Her house has an energy-efficient fjord heating system, solar panels, massive wood and thermal walls, and is built with low impact, reused and local materials. Pretty cool!

2021 GOALS

The bright future ahead


Welcome 2021! We're pretty excited about you! We will never stop working to improve, and we're positive Tibber will be an even better version of itself as the years go by. But let's focus on the moment we're in. Here are some of the things we plan to do before 23:59 on the 31st of December 2021.

Climate action

With 2020 as our baseline, we are now consulting with people who are in the know about climate change, and we hope to conclude on our short and long-term targets in 2021.

  • Reduction of our scope 1-3 emissions. These are direct emissions from owned resources, indirect emissions from purchased energy and indirect emissions from our value chain.

  • Managing our scope 4 emissions. These are avoided emissions from our products and services. Remember: the most sustainable energy is the one you never use!

Conducting good business

  • Workshops dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals with our three closest partners and suppliers. Five if the stars are aligned.

  • Development projects aimed at improving the energy value chain, such as better matching of production and consumption of renewable energy (It has to do with the Guarantees of Origin we told you about earlier. If we succeed, it will be big news, and you'll be the first to know).

Positive social impact

(Actually, this is a conspiracy to attract the smartest and most passionate people to work with us).

  • A new sustainability challenge within the Tibber Tribe. 

  • A more systematic approach to diversity and talent development in our workforce.

Inspire a movement

  • Develop new features in the app to make it even more engaging and inspiring for consumers to reduce their electricity consumption. You're hereby invited to the launch!

  • Engage one or more partners in a community challenge to raise awareness of the importance to reduce electricity consumption.

Impact report - Tibber Icon - center 1400px width

Wow, are you still here? Thank you for sticking with us to the end of our very first Impact Report. We hope you enjoyed it, and we already look forward to seeing you again next year!

xoxo, the Tibber Tribe