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The energy company that wants you to consume less 🌍

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The transition from fossil to renewable energy sources is one of the biggest challenges we face. What we tend to forget is the fact that it's just as important that we also reduce our electricity consumption. Tibber was based on the idea that the smartest, cheapest and most sustainable electricity is the one you don't use.

We like to destroy rumors that aren't true 🤺 

For many years people have claimed that individual consumers can’t make a difference. That it's complicated and inconvenient to reduce your electricity consumption. Another rumor is that those countries that actually produce a lot of renewable energy (like Sweden and Norway) don't need to worry about where the electricity comes from. Let us put all those rumors to rest. It does matter!

How do rumors like these even begin?

The energy industry (and the dinosaurs that rule it) have never had a sense or a culture of using tech and innovation to develop their own industry. Never have they put the consumer in focus. At all. The customer experience of buying electricity is both complex and frustrating. From the first meeting with a pushy salesman, to that cryptic energy bill in your inbox. The planet is struggling with global warming and overconsumption. Still it's very clear how the priority of these traditional electricity companies lies in making money on electricity consumption. While the focus should be on helping customers to reduce their energy consumption. To be honest, everything else seems quite stupid for everyone involved. Oh! Except for the dinosaurs that is.. 

Back in 2016, this very frustration was actually what made Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes and Daniel Lindén (founders of Tibber) determined to do something about the situation. They wanted to revolutionize the industry and move in a more customer-friendly direction. This was the birth of the world's first-ever digital energy company, and since then everyone at Tibber is working hard to change the view upon what smart, fair and sustainable energy actually looks like. We are also working very actively to have ongoing dialogues with our customers, who are a big part of building Tibber together with us. Together we can make a change. We crush these false rumors that truly underestimate the power of the individual consumer, one by one. 

Our technology is smart, user-friendly and helps save the future

Technology is fantastic! At Tibber, we love automated, digital solutions and technical gadgets. Some things are smarter than others and we put great effort into testing, evaluating and being critical of new products on behalf of our customers. But smart technology doesn't help to reduce your electricity consumption if you don't use it. Through Tibbers app you get a full overview of your own consumption. We believe that better insight motivates more conscious choices. Smart technology and motivated people simply results in more sustainable electricity consumption.

We choose not to make a single penny on your consumption

Forget everything you know about traditional electricity companies. It's not just our technology that is unique. Our entire business model turns the entire industry upside down. We are the only energy company that actually wants to sell less electricity. Unlike most other dinosaurs, we don't earn a single penny on your consumption. You might be thinking that this is absolutely bogus. Do you know what's bogus? The fact that so-called offers, special deals and agreements that flood the energy industry have taken the focus away from what it's really about. That we all must take responsibility to reduce our electricity consumption.

This becomes unreasonably contradicting when those who sell electricity are dependent on making money from it, it's even their business model. All these electricity companies often try to assure you that they want you to consume less electricity, but why would they want it when their main focus is making money from it? It doesn't really add up, does it? At Tibber we rather put our effort into inventing and developing smart tech that can help our customers to further reduce their energy consumption. For this service, we charge a monthly fee of 4€. Wouldn't you rather have 100% control over your energy consumption with the security that you only pay for the electricity you use and not a penny more? Plus have the opportunity to reduce your costs and use less electricity?

Is there really renewable electricity in my socket? 🤔

Even in countries that produce a lot of renewable energy like Sweden and Norway, we can't guarantee (nor can any other electricity company) that the electricity in your contact is green. It's impossible to physically trace back your individual energy consumption to one specific source. What we can guarantee, however, is that the actual trade is tracked and followed up. This gives the consumer (you) the opportunity to make an active choice when choosing an electricity agreement, and guarantee that the electricity you've bought, is actually green. 

This also makes it possible for electricity suppliers to easily prove and showcase the value of renewable electricity production, and is valid documentation that the specific electricity agreement only will deliver renewable electricity. The system works in the way that the guarantees of origin are deleted after it has been used, which prevents it from being sold several times or covers several production facilities at the same time. The purpose is for the system to contribute to making renewable electricity production more profitable than, for example, coal. In 2019, 48% of the total electricity purchases in Sweden had guarantees of origin from renewable sources. Tibber has committed to only buy electricity from renewable sources and in the app, our customers can see exactly which producer we buy the electricity from.

A good idea rarely comes alone!

A fact that is really worth to be told is the fact that our products are not only smart for customers, they are also smart for the energy system as a whole. Svenska Kraftnät is an organisation that works to maintain the frequency balance, and secure the electricity grid throughout Sweden. Every year, billions are spent maintaining a specific balance in the electricity grid through both expensive, and not always sustainable approaches. (Money that is taken straight from the pockets of taxpayers). Tibber can with the help of our own developed smart technology, and a bunch of cars parked in garages, ensure that Sweden's lights are kept lit. Through smart charging of EVs we steer the charging to the hours when the electricity price is at its lowest and the fewer people are using the grid. We do the same thing when it comes to the heat in your home, making sure we warm up your house when prices are at their lowest. Smart charging EVs and smart heat control are two of Tibber's most popular, and most effective features. Good ideas deserve to be useful, not only for you as a customer but also for society at large.

The start of a movement 

I don't really remember who it was, but one of our developers suggested that we would set aside time to discuss sustainability at Tibber. It was a good idea, so we did! During our first sustainability week, we gathered teams from Stockholm, Førde and Helsinki in video meetings every day for a working week. Key points were to discuss what sustainability actually means for Tibber, and how we can contribute as an energy company, but also the personal responsibility we have as individuals.  In other words, we are 100 % committed to making our world more sustainable.  

We will continue the fight to make electricity smarter, cheaper, and greener, with the consumer in focus In addition, we will work hard to reduce the negative environmental impact of our own operations and our products. In the office, we will have fun and test different ways of working and living in a more sustainable way – and we will continue the dialogue with our partners discussing ways we can make a difference, together. 

Published 8/20/2020
Elisabet Kjerstad Bøe
Country Manager Norway
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