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Energiewende Award - Business model with distinction


Those who already know us will be aware that our ambitious goal is nothing less than to revolutionize the energy sector together with our wonderful customers. To achieve this, Tibber is relying on an innovative business model. The fact that we are not the only ones to believe in its future viability is now even reflected in the form of a neat trophy. As first digital electricity provider, Tibber was honored with the Energiewende Award 2021 - and we couldn't be happier about it.

The not-so-glamorous truth

The energy sector seems stuck in the past. Stubbornly it clings to outdated business models and practices and digitization is proceeding rather sluggishly. The infrastructure of the German power grid is limping at all corners. In many places, for example, it is already incapable of keeping pace with the rapid advance of electromobility. The jungle of tariffs and providers is confusing, pricing is intransparent and hardly consumer-friendly. Even more alarming: economic profit still seems to be the most important driver for many companies - sustainability often comes second or is a marketing tool at best or pure greenwashing.

An important impulse

Given this ugly picture alone, it is important to highlight innovative impulses in a better direction. This is the goal that the initiators DCTI Deutsches CleanTech Institut, The smarter E and EUPD Research have set in motion. For the fifth time in a row, they are presenting the annual Energiewende Award to energy suppliers whose commitment in particular is driving forward the energy transition in the DACH region.

The process of analysis is based on customer surveys and the approach of mystery shopping, during which the customer's point of view is simulated. This process differentiates from other awards, as there is no selective application process. All nearly 1,700 energy suppliers in the DACH region are analyzed in a comprehensive survey.

We are incredibly excited that Tibber is now the first digital electricity provider in Germany to be recognized with this award. It shows that not only do we believe in our business model, but that we can also convince the public.

Energy supplier of the future

Overall, there were three main criteria that led to Tibber being honored as one of the 2021 Energiewende Award winners. The most significant of these is our approach to sustainability, which is reflected in everything we do. This goes far beyond selling only green electricity. Another important aspect is that with our business model we do not charge a classic flat rate and do not make any money from the actual electricity consumption of our customers. This means that the electricity is passed on at the actual market price plus taxes. As a result, we have no interest in selling more electricity, but rather encourage more conscious consumption through smart technology. Last but not least, Tibber scored points by always offering full transparency in the app.

Martin Ammon, Managing Director of EUPD Research, a market research institute in the field of social and environmental sustainability, says: "With the app-based electricity consumption analysis in hourly cycles, Tibber enables its end customers to question and actively adjust their electricity consumption. By linking consumption to the actual electricity purchase price, they can also not only save money, but also promote the expansion of renewable energies at the same time. This model is unique in the German market."


Tibber Germany Manager Marion Nöldgen and Leo Ganz (EUPD Research) 

Dr. Ammon adds, "By using 100 percent green energy, Tibber involves end customers in the energy transition who do not have the opportunity to invest in renewable energy technologies themselves. EUPD Research is pleased to recognize Tibber with the Energiewende Award."

Just the beginning

With all the joy we feel receiving this award, however, we don't see any reason to rest on our laurels. When it comes to changing the energy market for the long term, we are still at the beginning of our journey. We have big plans, and even bigger goals. To accomplish this takes a tremendous team, both in quality and quantity. The Tibber Team - which we like to lovingly refer to as the Tibber Tribe - is a colorful mix of great people working each day to get a little closer to our shared vision: that what's good for you should be also good for our planet. And we're not alone. New faces are joining almost weekly, and soon Tibber will officially launch in the Netherlands.

Does that sound exciting? Take a look at our job openings page. Maybe you'll be part of it soon too. 😊


Award ceremony on 03.11.21 in the Berlin Tibber office

Published 11/4/2021
Annett Gröschner
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