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Tibber is the energy company you’d recommend to your friends. We’re actually the only energy company that wants you to consume less energy. Yep, that’s right.

We’re well aware that the general interest for energy deals or energy companies is not at peak levels amongst the public, as it’s honestly not one of the most intriguing topics in the world, until now. Tibber is a modern and digital energy company that takes aim at the old and boring energy companies. We want to make energy interesting – for the first time ever. We’re not making any money on your energy consumption, as a matter of fact, we want to help you reduce it even further – for your own sake, and the planet’s. With our app, you’ll get a full overview of your energy consumption, straight out of your pocket. And do you know what the best part is? We guarantee that all the energy comes from 100% renewable sources. 

Five fabulous reasons why people become Tibber customers:

1. Energy from 100% renewable sources for listed prices without any dodgy premiums. Good for your wallet, and for the planet. You’re also able to see what kind of energy you’re using and who’s supplying it 🌍

2. A full overview of your energy consumption in the shape of statistics and in-app analytics. Tibber buys the energy automatically for you when the price is at its lowest. You can also get in-app notifications if the energy price is unusually high or low 📊

3. Super prices in the Tibber Store, where you can buy smart devices (Power-ups) that’ll make your home smarter than smart, and help you reduce your energy consumption even further. You can for example activate smart heating, which makes sure that you’re only heating the house when you really need to. Pretty smart 🔥

4. Customer support! We’re always available in our chat, where you can ask questions, give feedback, come with suggestions, or just say hello! 👋

5. You can try Tibber risk-free. You’ll get all of these magnificent features for a monthly fee of 39 NOK/SEK/3.89 EUR, but you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time if you’re not satisfied. You’re not bound to a contract, and there are no cancellation fees. You should only be a customer with us if you’re happy, anything else would be pretty dumb ⚡️ We’re more than just an energy company. NOTE: Tibber smart energy is currently only available in Sweden, Norway and Germany. The app without the energy deal also can be downloaded in Denmark, Finland, France, Spain and The Netherlands. Stay tuned for our future adventures ⚡️

Published 9/30/2019
Sara Brolin
Marius Sæbø Lier
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