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Tibber 8 years – let's update & celebrate


Whoooosh. Heard that? That was the 8 year life span of Tibber existence flying by. A wind of constant innovation and change that never really settles. And we love it!

We are celebrating 8 years of making you and your energy management smarter. More than pausing for some reflection at this juncture, we figured the appropriate way to honor this festive moment is to share a gift with the most important people we know – you and our beautiful community!

The Tibber app has been evolving exponentially as we’ve grown together, but one thing has always been at the obvious center, safely guiding you through your energy needs. The home screen. Since we rolled out this iconic and often copied (Thanks for the compliment!) start page of our app in 2017, its purpose has always been to make you feel in control.

It’s designed to present the most valuable information, in a simple way, giving you precisely what you expect upon every visit. With the addition of Power-Ups and further personalisation (Hey that’s my house!) to meet your specific preferences, the natural home of the Tibber experience has served its purpose magnificently over time.

However. There have been pain points. We know it, and perhaps you do too. Let’s do something about them shall we, and sprinkle some design magic on top while doing it! Relax AND be excited – the new experience will feel familiar, but it’s rebuilt and refreshed exactly where it matters to specifically achieve these four things:

Ease of use – Smooth learning curve and quick decoding Visual smartness – New design system Relevant information – Updated information hierarchy Personalisation – New home avatars and customisation

We’re extremely proud of our new home screen, and we think you’ll love it too. With that, thanks for the last 8 years – you are the best. Here’s to many more together!

Published 2/8/2024
Tibbe Tibberson
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