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We are Tibber

Edgeir and Daniel pastelli

Hi, we're the founders of Tibber! The Tibber crew, or Tibber Tribe (as we call ourselves behind closed doors) is currently over fifty people working in offices spread out between Stockholm, Førde, Helsingfors och Berlin.

Imagine a group of tech enthusiasts with a passion for smart solutions. Dedicated and determined to create and invent methods to help us go towards a more conscious society. Smart solutions that at the same time make life a whole lot easier. That's Tibber. 

People call us an energy company, but you should be aware. We're an energy company that wants to sell less electricity. People also refer to us as a digital platform or an app. You should know that our app gives you insights and control of your own energy consumption. Since the power (should be) yours. 

We are all about smart digital solutions, green energy and transparency. 

And a pretty kick-ass app if you ask us.

Published 11/6/2019
Daniel Lindén
CPO & Co-Founder of Tibber
Edgeir Aksnes
CEO & Co-Founder of Tibber
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