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Make your home smarter with Power-ups

With Tibber Power-ups, your house becomes even more powerful. Smart gadgets and services that let you control your home and make it more efficient. Both together with the Tibber app and without.

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Unfortunately the Tibber Store is not available in your market at this time. We are currently expanding to new markets and we look forward to opening a store in a web browser near you!

If the Tibber app is available in your country, you can still integrate all the hardware we support. Even if you can't buy it directly from us.

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Sensibo Sky – Control your Air 2 Air heatpump with your cellphone

We take great strides when it comes to making our homes smart. It is an exciting world to dive into as smart products make it easier and more sustainable to live in our homes. These smart products hold what the name implies and can contribute to less energy consumption, greater awareness and may also reduce our electricity costs.

Make your home smart and beutiful with Mill

Surely it is fun when smart technology can also be good? Being able to have modern technology in the home that helps in everyday life but which is also nice to look at is the best of both worlds. Believe it or not, Mill has come up with an element, which is great! The great thing about the crow song is that the element is not only nice to look at, it is also smart ...