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How you consume electricity matters

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Less consumption

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More flexible consumption

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Smart products

When less truly is more

Rapid electrification and transition to a more renewable energy mix are key to a zero emission society. The less energy we use, the faster we get to 100% renewables, making every kilowatt-hour (kWh) matter. Tibber supports a more sustainable energy system by empowering people to consume less energy, and to use it smarter.

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Our number one climate action

Energy consumption from households accounts for a large part of the world’s  greenhouse gas emissions. In 2040, 40% of reduction in energy-related emissions must come from energy efficiency. Still, most energy companies make more money the more electricity their customers use. That incentive isn’t going to help us get there, which is why we’ll never profit off your consumption.

The greenest energy is the energy not used. Therefore, our number one climate action will always be to use smart technology to empower people to reduce their energy consumption.

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The electricity industry’s yogi

Reducing electricity consumption is good for the environment, but did you know that the time of use is also important? It’s all about being flexible.

When thousands of households use Tibber solutions like smart EV charging and smart heating, it means we can shift big volumes of electricity consumption away from times with high demand, high prices – and a high chance of more fossil in the energy mix. Shifting it to the cheapest and cleanest hours, which the power grid so desperately needs. Being a Tibber user is like being a yogi in the energy system – onward and upward facing dog!

Smart products for smarter consumption

The best way to make your energy consumption more sustainable, besides changing your daily habits, is to use smart technology and solutions to make it easy for you. Tibber Pulse is a product we produce ourselves that gives people insight and more control of their energy consumption. Our goal is 100% circularity of Tibber Pulse. An important step towards this is our commitment to repair and resell all returned devices, as we have done the last two years. We also measure emissions from the full life cycle of the Pulse, which currently is 5.43 kg to 10.03 kg CO2, depending on the model.

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Our social impact

Besides reducing the environmental footprint from electricity consumption and smart products, we also try to create a positive social impact. We know that changing the world starts from within. When we provide the healthiest possible company culture, our Tibberinos will make sure to inspire the movement that we’re aiming for. To find out more about our full work with sustainability, feel welcome to visit our annual impact reports.

Haven’t had enough yet?

We started writing these reports in 2020. For the curious souls, you can learn all about our reason for existence, our long-standing commitments, and our evolving goals over the past few years. Go and dig in!