Time to make a change

We need to shift from fossils to renewables, and reduce our energy consumption. However, traditional energy companies profit more, the more electricity you consume. 

This needs to change - and there is a solution. Tibber develops smart technology to help you consume electricity in a smart way, while it never profits from your consumption. Let's act outside of the box! Here’s how.

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You have more power than you think

It's just a myth that a single consumer cannot make a difference. On the contrary, if we want to change the world, we must start with ourselves. Challenge accepted?

One is a start

- ten million is a movement

Our target is to empower a sustainable life for 10 million households in Europe by 2025. Imagine the impact, if this community of Tibber customers would use 100% renewable electricity, and reduce their consumption by an average of 20%. Now, that would make a difference!

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Our guide to change

Three simple steps anyone can try at home.

1) Go green

The smartest, cheapest, and greenest energy is the energy you don’t use. And what we can't reduce we should consume green. Switch to an energy deal that invests in local renewable energy sources.

2) Status check - what are the driving factors of your consumption?

Identifying and eliminating power guzzlers doesn't necessarily include ditching warm showers. Consider replacing old electronic devices, avoid the Standby-mode and check the temperature of your fridge. Once you’re set-up, we recommend Tibber for a full overview.

3) Power up your home

Tibber lowers your energy consumption with ease by utilizing smart technology. For example, smart thermostats allow you to monitor and control the heating smarter from your phone.

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less energy 

The average reduction per customer, solely through activating smart heating in the Tibber app. Read more about smart heating.

220 000 MWh

potential savings

Total savings per month if all Swedish homes use our technology to lower their indoor temperature by just one degree, with the help of smarter heating. Read our temperature study

The energy industry needs to step up its game

We live in the decade that matters. There needs to be more transparency about the challenges in the energy system, but currently the industry isn’t clearly communicating them. The consumer has the right to know where the energy comes from, what the real costs are, and how it is possible to consume less. Thus, we need a new set of rules.

Electricity companies should... ... not profit from the increase of consumption

The consumer has to trust that the electricity supplier is actually batting for the same team. For that, the industry has to support customers to reduce power consumption.

... inform about the origins of the electricity

No electricity company can guarantee that your power socket supplies you with 100% green energy, but they should offer electricity that can be traced to a renewable source.

... contribute to a smarter energy system

A more evenly distributed power consumption can reduce the demand for new or upgraded infrastructure, and save both costs and the environment. Consumers need to know about their opportunities to contribute.

PS: Check out Tibber Magazine for more information on how our app contributes to making the power grid smarter, how our customers reduce their consumption, and how we can challenge the energy industry together. 

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Tibber users’ energy sources

All our electricity is bought from renewable sources. This isn’t exclusively from power plants – we also buy from Tibber customers who are able to generate electricity at home. 


The amount of Tibber customers who have been delivering self-produced solar energy during 2019.

2 000 000 kWh

The amount of energy we bought from these specific customers and sold to other fellow Tibber customers. ♻️

In order to offer a renewable energy deal, we must add a certificate that proves the production of the equal amount of energy we sell by renewable sources.

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use ‘smart charging’

That’s the share of Tibber customers who have activated smart charging for their EVs in the app. Smart solutions on the consumer side also allow for producing and feeding more renewables into the energy mix.

7.8 %

improved local grid efficiency

According to the study “Energimarked 2.0” conducted in Norway, smart charging evens out the power consumption and can potentially lead to a more efficient use of grid capacity.

Life, the universe and everything

For us at Tibber, this is about so much more than utilizing smart tech solutions to reduce consumption. As a company, we take responsibility for our further development in a constantly shifting world. 

These are our core commitments: 

Reduce as much as possible from our environmental footprint
Run the company in an ethically responsible way, and document it
Contribute to sustainable development in our local communities
Help all customers and employees to reduce their environmental impact
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tonnes of CO2

That is the amount of emissions Tibber accounted for/emitted in 2019. The driving parameters were electricity sales, the production of electronics and transportation for our online store. 


kg CO2

That is the emitted amount of CO2 through the production, packaging, transport and use of a Tibber Pulse; a device developed by Tibber to monitor your electricity consumption for a real-time overview.

Walking the talk

To support our customers, the real power-saving superheroes, we at Tibber must pull our weight. 

Read more about our contribution to a more sustainable future. 👇🏻