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This is how we roll

For us, the electric revolution is about using energy smarter. This is how we create an impact:

Keep reading to see how we brought this strategy to life in 2021.

1. Taking climate action

The greenest energy is energy you don't use. That’s why our number 1 climate action is to help 10 million Europeans save 20% of their energy consumption.

ir-2021 climate-action-intro

Our footprint

You’ve probably heard that having more renewables is key in the energy transition - and it is!

While the average footprint from the residential mix of electricity in our markets is 338 grams CO₂ per kilowatthour, the renewable energy that we sell to Tibber customers has an average footprint of 4,0 grams CO₂ per kilowatthour.

That’s why we want to sell renewable energy, contributing to increased demand and more production throughout our markets.

Renewables are not enough!

We also need to talk about the environmental impact of renewables. As we provide electricity to hundreds of thousands of households, the footprint of our energy purchase becomes substantial, making up 93% of Tibber’s total emissions in 2021.

This means that our biggest impact comes from helping our customers reduce their energy consumption. Luckily this has been at the core of our business model since day one!

ir-2021 climate-action-bad-news
ir-2021 climate-action-good-news

Empowering people

How do we do that? By developing technology that empowers people to use energy smarter. An app that gives insights and control. Integrated products that save energy. Telling inspiring stories about consumers that make a difference.

Talking about inspiring stories: our solar customers produced a total of 25,8 GWh of local, renewable energy in 2021. That’s the same annual production as that of a small hydro power plant! Pretty cool if you ask us.

If you want to learn more about our impact, you can:

2. Doing good  business

The electric revolution is about making energy smarter, from individual households to the greater energy system. Tibber uses smart technology to drive the energy industry forward.

Expecting the unexpected

One of the coolest things about Tibber is that our technology comes to the rescue when bad karma hits the power grid. Like when the power cable between the Netherlands and Norway, NorNed, was disturbed in October 2021. The frequency dropped from 50 Hz (ideal condition) to 49,78 Hz (disturbed condition).

A disturbance like this is unusual and happens only a couple of times per year (phew). But on this particular night, 1000 Tibber customers with EVs contributed to restore the frequency balance, by letting us switch off their charging boxes for a few seconds. Now that is teamwork for the greater good!

ir-2021 good-business tibber-day
ir-2021 good-business renewables

Renewables around the clock!

With more unstable renewable energy entering the power grid, like solar and wind, the balance between supply and demand becomes more volatile. That’s why we need a smarter way to match production and consumption of renewables.

We teamed up with Statkraft to make it happen. We matched the electricity consumption of all Tibber customers with new production of hydro power, not by the year, month or week, but 24/7! Why does this matter? Well, if there’s constant demand for renewables from consumers, the incentive to supply it becomes bigger for the producer. Cool or what?

Butterfly effect

As we go from startup to scaleup, we are conscious that great (dinosaur slaying) powers bring great responsibility! As Tibber gains a visible position, we can promote sustainability even outside of our own little bubble. That's why we created a code of conduct, to set a standard for sustainability among our suppliers; in their own operations but also their supply chain. (Shhh... Hear the butterfly effect? 🦋 )

If you want to learn more about our impact, you can:
ir-2021 social-impact intro

3. Having a positive social impact

Our positive social impact starts from within. Meet the Tibberinos who bring the electric revolution to life!

The challenge is on

What motivates more than a bit of healthy competition between colleagues? Once a year, we invite the entire team to the Tibber Challenge: a call to introduce more sustainable habits into our lives.

ir-2021 social-impact challenge
ir-2021 social-impact save-rave

Save Rave

We wanted to find out if Tibber employees are rocking it on energy savings, and also use the opportunity to test new Tibber products – clear the floor for the “Save Rave”! While some of us happily went all in to win, some (cold, blanket wearing) family members were less happy. The things you do for a good cause!


Another part of the challenge was to find something old or broken and bring it back to life. Flowery summer dresses were sewn from twenty year old sarees, used furniture was painted for that smashing vintage look, new cameras were installed on used mobile phones and our Support Hero Marita even renovated an old house!

ir-2021 social-impact fixathon
ir-2021 social-impact dei

A bright new DEI

From one challenge to another. With colleagues from 23 different nationalities and 50% women in the management, we know that diversity is a strength. But how do we secure unbiased recruitment, a safe and healthy work environment and equal opportunity for all?

We have made a plan for how to systematically integrate diversity into our leadership, recruitment and company culture going forward.

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Inspiring a movement

Thousands of people are joining us in the electric revolution. From greentech nerds and EV enthusiasts to conscious activists and the family next door.

Inspiring people

“Solar panels are a way to state that you're ready for the future! It's also a way to show our kids that we want to contribute to their future in a positive way.”

Name: Simen Country: Norway

ir-2021 inspire people-1
ir-2021 inspire people-2
"We find it super smart to be able to adapt our consumption according to the volatile prices. We're planning laundry, sauna and charging of our EV to the hours with low energy prices.”

Name: Caroline Country: Sweden

"By using smart charging I’ve been able to save a lot of money each month. I am also shifting my consumption to times when the load on the grid is less."

Name: Mia Country: Sweden

ir-2021 inspire people-3
If you want to learn more about our impact, you can:

What’s next?

Even for a greentech company like Tibber, sustainable development is about much more than technology! How will Tibber move forward to create maximum positive and minimum negative impact on the world? Let’s have a look.