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Grid tech: Say hello to active contribution!

Tibber buzz – edition #001

Exciting times lie ahead as grid technology ushers in a new era of connectivity, automation, and intelligence within our electrical grids. This paradigm shift not only promises a more efficient and resilient energy system but also places consumers at the forefront of energy management. A glimpse into the nearest future reveals some exciting developments.

Smart metering and real-time monitoring 

Embrace the power of information like a majority of our customers have done! Smart meters enable real-time monitoring - it’s all about making informed decisions and tailor behavior to optimize costs while contributing to a smarter grid.


Demand-response programs

The days of passive consumption behavior are over, instead, we are shifting to a much more agile and sustainable form of active contribution. With demand-response programs, people will to a larger extent contribute to grid stability by voluntarily adjusting energy usage based on grid signals. Efforts during peak demand or supply constraints not only contribute to stability but may also lead to direct monetary benefits for the contributor and lower prices.

Home energy management systems 

At Tibber, we’re on a mission to make households ready for the future of energy. Integrated with smart grids, home energy management systems automate devices based on grid conditions and people’s own preferences. Our prediction is that in 2024 more households will achieve energy savings without compromising on comfort, putting them in charge of their home’s energy destiny.

Integration of renewable energy sources 

Everyone can actively participate in generating, storing, and managing their electricity usage. Grid technology seamlessly blends decentralized energy resources into the larger grid, promoting a sustainable future.

Electric vehicles (EVs) and V2G technology 

Drive towards a balanced grid! As the electric vehicle market expands, leveraging grid technology to manage EV charging efficiently will become more important. We’re excited to explore what the next generation of smart charging will look like (we might be cooking something) and the power of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology, allowing EVs to contribute to grid balancing by using electricity during peak hours or feeding excess energy back into the system.

Tibber Go-e

Decentralized microgrids 

Unleash community power! Grid technology supports decentralized microgrids, where communities and businesses can contribute to, and benefit from, localized energy operations. Will we see enhanced resilience and reliability by more active participation in the energy ecosystem?

Increased awareness and engagement 

Be an eco-conscious (and responsible) consumer! Grid technology fosters awareness about energy consumption patterns and environmental impact. This awareness empowers everyone to make smart choices, environmentally conscious decisions, and embrace energy-efficient practices.

In summary, grid technology is transforming consumers from passive users into active participants in shaping a sustainable, efficient, and resilient energy system. Let's embrace the opportunities it offers, and together, we can pave the way for a brighter and greener future! 🌍💡

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Published 1/30/2024
Gaute Haaversen-Westhassel
PR & Communications Manager – Norway
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