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Wallbox - the challenger

Wallbox smart charging magazine header

From Spain to Sweden and all the way to Australia, Wallbox is the company that produces EV chargers around the world to help people use energy more sustainably - and make life easier for EV owners. Therefore, we are excited about our partnership with Wallbox.

Wallbox thinks outside the box

With customers in over 100 countries and offices in Europe, APAC and the Americas, the Spanish EV charging and energy management company Wallbox aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy use. The company is dedicated to creating smart electric vehicle charging technology to change the way we interact with the grid.

New integrated charger in the Tibber app

Smart charging is one of Tibber's most popular features where the electric car automatically charges when energy prices are lowest. Smart charging works either through an integrated car model or through an integrated charger. With Wallbox as a partner, its popular Pulsar Max charger is now integrated with the Tibber app, so that users can now smart charge any electric car with Tibber.

Pulsar Max - the compact charger with a lot of power

The new Pulsar Max is part of Wallbox’s best-selling product family of home chargers. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is compatible with both type 1 and type 2 cables. The charger comes with a fixed charging cable, which makes charging even more convenient and you’ll never have to store a dirty cable in the trunk of your car. 

Despite being incredibly lightweight – only 1.3 kg – it has plenty of power and can charge up to 22kW. The design is minimalistic with a matte finish to make the house wall look as neat as possible. The charger communicates via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which means that you as a Tibber customer can easily control your Pulsar Max through the Tibber app from anywhere.

Wallbox always wants to develop their products to facilitate both the power grid and the electric car owner. New technology and constant updates are the company's standard for the chargers.

– Wallbox Pulsar Max is a future-proof charger. “We continuously feed it with new updates,” explains Robin Palmgren, Manager of Sweden and Norway at Wallbox.

Charging with Wallbox

Are you looking for a new Wallbox charger? You can find Wallbox's latest charger in our Tibber Store. Make your driveway smarter - and better looking - with the Tibber-integrated Wallbox Pulsar Max. 

Get your Wallbox! Available in SwedenNorwayGermany and the Netherlands.

Published 7/4/2023
Moa Lamberg
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