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Our Terms and Conditions

Here you can find the local links to all relevant Tibber group terms, and privacy information.

The Tibber app

When creating an account or downloading the Tibber app, you agree to our app terms and conditions. The terms may differ depending on what country you download the app in.

terms-global-page tibber-app
terms-global-page electricity-contract

Electricity contract

When you buy your electricity from Tibber, we have different terms and conditions depending on the location of the delivery site. Via the links below, you find the standard Tibber contract terms. Some customers may have deviating contracts and terms entered via partnership programs. If you have a contract through a partnership, please contact us by chat or at

Tibber Store purchase terms

When you buy a product in Tibber Store, we have different terms depending on in which market the purchase is done.

terms-global-page tibber-store
terms-global-page privacy

Privacy information

We aim to be transparent and clear of how we process your personal data. Below you find links to our privacy information regarding the app and any other interactions you have with Tibber.